Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday's News

Harley was in his go-kart with his sister Sativa.  It has a battery that makes it go.

Charlee and her cousin Tori looked for spider eggs.  They found two each and put them in a container.  The spiders have come out of their eggs.  They are little, wee black spiders.

Te Heruika shared Richards news.  Richard went to Harley's place and played on his go-kart with Sativa.

Tumahuki ate a piece of chocolate cake and then went to his Aunty's.  He played with his cousins toys.

Brae went on his go-kart.  He rode it in the paddock.

Mrs Chrystall thought she heard some birds in our classroom but there weren't any there.  She thinks they might be nesting outside our class.  Brooklyn thinks the sound might have been Charlee writing on the red card with a whiteboard marker.  This is a mystery.  Who is right?

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