Monday, October 11, 2010


Jimi turned 6 in the holidays.  He got two guns from Te Heruika, a water pistol from Jake, and a lego truck from Brae.  They had fun driving the go-kart and the four wheeler.
Harley is new to our class.  He turned five yesterday.  He had a pirate cake and he was being a pirate.
Brooklyn had a birthday today.  He turned five and is starting school tomorrow.
We like having birthdays.


  1. Dear Room One
    It was interesting reading all the fun things you did during the holidays. Imagine killing a cow, now that sounds like a story.

    I can understand how you would enjoy birthdays, all that wonderful food, games and gifts.

    I wish you a very happy time at school to all those who are just starting school.

    To the old timers, have a great term.

    Yours truly
    Miss Trask

  2. Charlee says
    Mrs Chrystall room1 likes your blog and I do to Charlee H