Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Weekend News

Brooklyn went to his Nan's place.  They did some experiments.  They were making things and turned them into jelly but not the jelly that you eat.  After a movie and dinner he went back home.  

Hori went to a farm and they did some shearing.  He also went to the beach at Kawhia and stayed the night.  Hori caught some fish with his fishing rod.   

Charlee went to her Dad's place.  She bought a colourful bird, it was a pukeko.  Charlee also found a starfish at the beach at Kaiawa.  It was missing a leg, they put it back into the sea.  Te Heruika said that the leg would grow back when it is in the water.

Harley went to the farm to ride on his yellow four wheeler motorbike.  They went to his Dad's friends, then to his Mum's place and then back to his Dad's house.

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