Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Holiday News

Jimi went to his Nana and Poppa's in the holidays.  They went duck shooting and rabbit shooting.  The caught a duck and a rabbit.  They got a .22 and shot a wooden target.

Trevor Jack went to his Aunty's and his Nan's.  He watched The Sponge Bob Movie at his Aunty's granny flat. 

Legend played his play station.  He went to his Nan's house.  His cousins came.  Legend had his skateboard and went skateboarding.  Portia and Legend went for a walk with his Aunty and Nan and they got fish 'n chips.

Brae went to the Te Awamutu Pools.  He went on the hydro-slide and into the spa.  He went with his Dad and little brother Kalyx.

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