Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Weekend News

Brooklyn went to his Nan's place.  They did some experiments.  They were making things and turned them into jelly but not the jelly that you eat.  After a movie and dinner he went back home.  

Hori went to a farm and they did some shearing.  He also went to the beach at Kawhia and stayed the night.  Hori caught some fish with his fishing rod.   

Charlee went to her Dad's place.  She bought a colourful bird, it was a pukeko.  Charlee also found a starfish at the beach at Kaiawa.  It was missing a leg, they put it back into the sea.  Te Heruika said that the leg would grow back when it is in the water.

Harley went to the farm to ride on his yellow four wheeler motorbike.  They went to his Dad's friends, then to his Mum's place and then back to his Dad's house.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Upside Down Day

Today in Room 1 we had an upside down day.  We usually do Maths, Reading and Writing before lunch but today we have spent the morning doing Art. 
Our Takahe pictures are now finished but our class was a MESS!!!!!
This afternoon we have to do Maths and Reading and Handwriting.

We enjoyed our upside down day.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Adding Widgets

We have added some widgets to our blog so that people from other countries can learn about us.
We added a translator so people who do not speak English can read our blog.
We also added a clock so that people would know what the time is.  We are still learning to tell the time but we are pretty good at o'clock and half past now.
We have also added our cyber pet "Taki".  Taki is a Takahe chick.  Takahe are Endangered and are native to New Zealand.  The adult birds are very colourful but their chicks are black and fluffy.

Cinderella Pictures

Check out our September "Cinderella" post.  A slide show has now been added.

Student Blog Challenge #2

This weekend Mrs Chrystall caught up with some of the Student Blog Challenges that we missed during the holidays.  The first one was creating an avatar. 

This is Mrs Chrystall's new avatar.  She is wearing a Nike cap because we have to wear hats outside during Terms 1 and 4 to protect ourselves from the sun.  The Nike symbol also looks a bit like a Silver Fern which is worn by our top sports people and especially the Commonwealth Games Gold Medal winning New Zealand Silver Ferns Netball team.

In Term 2 this year we used Hero Factory.  Check out our avatars.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday's News

Harley was in his go-kart with his sister Sativa.  It has a battery that makes it go.

Charlee and her cousin Tori looked for spider eggs.  They found two each and put them in a container.  The spiders have come out of their eggs.  They are little, wee black spiders.

Te Heruika shared Richards news.  Richard went to Harley's place and played on his go-kart with Sativa.

Tumahuki ate a piece of chocolate cake and then went to his Aunty's.  He played with his cousins toys.

Brae went on his go-kart.  He rode it in the paddock.

Mrs Chrystall thought she heard some birds in our classroom but there weren't any there.  She thinks they might be nesting outside our class.  Brooklyn thinks the sound might have been Charlee writing on the red card with a whiteboard marker.  This is a mystery.  Who is right?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Holiday News

Jimi went to his Nana and Poppa's in the holidays.  They went duck shooting and rabbit shooting.  The caught a duck and a rabbit.  They got a .22 and shot a wooden target.

Trevor Jack went to his Aunty's and his Nan's.  He watched The Sponge Bob Movie at his Aunty's granny flat. 

Legend played his play station.  He went to his Nan's house.  His cousins came.  Legend had his skateboard and went skateboarding.  Portia and Legend went for a walk with his Aunty and Nan and they got fish 'n chips.

Brae went to the Te Awamutu Pools.  He went on the hydro-slide and into the spa.  He went with his Dad and little brother Kalyx.