Monday, August 9, 2010

More Magnets and Electricity

We had fun finding the answers to some of our questions.

Brae and Yawden designed a fair test to find out How many layers of bubble wrap does a magnet work through?

They put a magnet on one side of the bubble wrap and a paper clip on the other side of the bubble wrap.
The magnet held the paperclip through three layers of bubble wrap but it didn’t work through four layers.

Jimi and Ngapera designed a fair test to find out How thick does the wood have to be before the magnet stops working?

They put a magnet on one side of the wood and a paper clip on the other side of the wood. They kept adding layers of wood until they could not pick up the paper clip.
The magnet picked the paperclip up through two layers of wood. This was 7mm thick.

Will we get the same results for these tests if we use a different magnet?  Are some magnets stronger than others?

Richard and Justus quickly worked out How do you make the buzzer work?

They worked together to make a complete circuit using a cell (battery), wires and a buzzer.
They had a lot of fun making the buzzer work but some people found the loud buzzing annoying.

Charlee and Sativa found out How do you make the buzzer work?

They made a complete circuit using two AA cells (batteries), wires and a buzzer.
Their buzzer made a quieter sound than Richard and Justus’ buzzer. They swapped cells and this made the girls buzzer louder. We think the square cell is more powerful and that is why the buzzer was louder when we used it.

Te Heruika and Freddy designed a fair test to find out What happens when you use two bulbs and one cell (battery)?

They made a circuit using two bulbs, wires and one cell. Then they shifted the wires to make a complete circuit with only one bulb and one cell.

They found out that the bulbs were dimmer in the circuit which had two bulbs in it compared to the bulbs in the circuit that had just one bulb in it.

How many bulbs will the cell light up at the same time?  Is there another way to connect the bulbs in the circuit so they don't get dimmer?

Peter and Portia knew what a circuit was so they had to find out How do you make a circuit with one bulb and two cells (batteries)?

They knew that a circuit had to be complete before the bulb would light. They made the bulb glow by using cells, wires, a bulb holder and a bulb.

Mrs Chrystall showed Peter how to make a complete circuit without using the bulb holder. 

We looked at the inside of the bulb.  We could see a squiggly piece of wire that connected the two metal prongs.  We noticed that it is this wire that glows.

Why does the squiggly wire glow?

We found the answer to a lot of our questions but now we have more questions we want to find the answers too.  Learning is FUN!!!!


  1. I can see that there is lots of new learning happening in your classroom. Thank you for sharing this with us. Now we are learning too. I wonder how many light bulbs you can make glow on one cell?

  2. G'day Mrs Chrystall and class,
    Thanks for joining the September 2010 blogging challenge. I hope you enjoy the activities and if you have any suggestions for what a challenge could be, please leave a comment on the challenge blog.

    Isn't it amazing how one question can lead to another and then another!

  3. Kiaora Room 1,
    We are so proud to see our junior class learning so many new things.