Sunday, July 25, 2010

Magnet Fun

We are finding out about magnets and trying to answer the questions "What is magnetic?" and "What makes something magnetic?"
We designed a Fair Test to find out what things were magnetic.  We used the same magnet and the same amount of pressure to test things in our class.   

The frame of the mirror was magnetic but the mirror was not magnetic.

The magnetic black board was magnetic.  We already knew this though because we put our magnetic letters and words on this board during reading time.

This blackboard is not magnetic but the screw on the board is magnetic.

The paper towel cabinet is magnetic.

It was fun using the magnet to make the arrow on the compass spin around.

Our sandpit trucks are magnetic.  The metal shovels we use are magnetic too but the plastic shovels are not.

We found a lot of things that were magnetic in our classroom, even the staples on our walls.

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